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Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Author of “How to be your own Saving Grace”.

Since 2015 I have worked with organisations and individuals to transform the way they think, feel and act, so they can achieve their personal dreams and company goals … and make the world a more compassionate place.

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My Philosophy

When things go ‘wrong’, we can be quick to criticise ourselves; quick to apportion the blame to ourselves for the actions of others. Key to happiness is Self-Love. And to achieve this we need to stop judging ourselves, stop striving to be and do more, be more patient and curious, so that we can accept how things are and trust how things will turn out, letting go of what has been said and done. We need to love ourselves. Only then can we be our best selves with others.

In today’s ‘busy’ world, it is easy to become stressed or confused; when we live life too fast we can miss precious, heartwarming moments and feel negative or disconnected. Key to happiness is Living in the Moment. Paying purposeful attention to what’s happening NOW without overthinking things. To achieve this we need to learn how to be more present and aware, so that we can gain calmness and clarity. When we wake up to THIS moment, are connection with events and people is at its most powerful.

How many of us can truly say we are living the life of our dreams? That we are happy with how we spend our time, our finances, our relationships, how we look and feel and our place in the world? We all deserve to live the life we desire. Unapologetically. Only then can we truly be happy, joyous and at peace. It’s OK to want more from life but to achieve it sometimes we need a mindful nudge!


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