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Helping People Find Their Breath, So They Can Thrive

I am proud and honoured to be a known voice on Mindfulness in South West London. Over the last seven years I have dedicated my focus and energy to bringing this important life skill, centred around your breath as a tool for stress relief, with self-love as a necessary foundation, to over 6000 children, teens and adults in schools and the workplace. Having re-designed my life after ‘finding’ my breath, I am committed to teaching others to find theirs too, so they can thrive.

After 20 years working in Human Resources, Design and Education, my life pivoted beyond my dreams. While living as a single mother of three teens and a dementia carer, I have dedicated my time to championing mental health and wellbeing education and tools for everyone aged 7 to 70.

In 2014 these same tools enabled me to transform the challenge of divorce into a force for my happiness, as well as a way to make an impact on the lives of others. By bringing the power of Mindfulness to children and adults, I have offered them a support in everyday life, and enabled them to embrace plan B with compassion, when things fall apart a little. Plan B CAN be the life WE want to lead.

How has Mindfulness helped me, my family and my career? Life presents us with challenge after challenge, each an opportunity to learn and grow … if you are in the right headspace when they show up. Whether you are finding 11+ and raising teens hard, or have lost or fallen out of love with your job, or your marriage is on the rocks, or your health or that of a loved one takes a turn for the worse … all of these are manageable, and can actually be transformative, if we have the confidence and skills to deal with them. However, if life’s unexpected pivots overwhelm us or open up old wounds, our ability to cope and be kind to ourself and others is temporarily compromised;

“I felt totally out of control and unwilling to accept things had changed. I didn’t have the emotional resilience to contemplate letting go. Then overnight things changed.”

Seemingly by chance, I came across an autobiography which led me to sign up for an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. There, in just a matter of weeks, I found my breath.

By week two I had a break through. After 8 weeks I was ready to build a new life and a new career.

In 2018, believing that I had found Mindfulness to help me get through my divorce, the onset of my mother’s dementia showed me that that was just a stepping stone for what lay ahead. Her condition has deepened and strengthened my Mindfulness, as I learn to patiently accept and sometimes even love, the powerless situation we are now in, let go of what was, and trust in what will be. Ironically this cruel illness that cuts people off from their lives, has helped me discover new levels of compassion and connectedness. And finally the events of the last 2 years as the world learnt to live with COVID, would probably have tipped me back into low mood, had it not been for my Mindfulness practice.

What I know for sure is that there is life not after, but with, childhood trauma, divorce, dementia and career challenges. And even a Pandemic.

Irrespective of the cards life serves us, we can find grace and be gracious with others. And so in 2022 I published my first book (available to purchase on Amazon or directly from me);

“Finding Grace:15 steps to Happiness, Joy and Peace. Learn to Love yourself, Live in this moment and Lead the life you desire”

In 2020 just before my 50th, I joined an Action Challenge team and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. This tested my mindfulness and resilience, as we trekked to 5895m, but also helped raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and awareness of the amazing work they do for people living with dementia. 

And having never run before my late 30s, in April 2021 I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon also for Alzheimer’s Society.


Let me help YOU find YOUR breath, so you too can THRIVE.



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