Do you need time to get away?
To have space so you can take steps to improve your happiness and lead the life you desire?

In the past 5 years alone I’ve helped over 4500 people find happiness through mindful meditation and ‘thought management’ on my 5 to 12 week courses, more than a 1000 of those being teens and adults in schools and businesses. In addition, I’ve worked 1:1 with clients to help them make transformational changes to their lives.

But for some, an 8 week MBCT course, or a significant investment in 1:1 coaching isn’t feasible timewise or financially.

So, if you want to learn to love yourself, live in the present moment non-judgmentally, and lead the life you desire, a 3 to 7 day retreat could be just what you need to boost your journey. These retreats in amazing locations are designed to help you take the steps in order to turn your dreams into reality. You can escape your busy daily life, and immerse yourself in order to gain calmness and clarity. One retreat participant said:

“It has ignited a light in me, a desire to change and grow my positive pathways”
– P.Chapman

While staying at these carefully chosen, wonderful, seaside locations, you will experience stress reduction and life transformation via learning to love yourself, live in the moment and lead the life you desire. Over the 3 or 5 days you will take part in workshops and guided meditations to develop greater self-compassion, awareness and presence, and drive to pursue your dreams. Each of the retreat options touches on the three areas – Love, Live, Lead – but focuses on one area more than the others, according to where you are and what you want to develop.

Mindful Paradise – Love Retreat

2021 dates TBC

Paraiso Escondido is an award-winning, luxury eco-resort near the Atlantic Ocean, off the Alentejo in Portugal.

During this 3 day retreat you can treat your mind and body to our unique holistic event, while staying at this stunning hilltop location 10 minutes from the ocean. 3 days of mindfulness-based self-compassion workshops will help you find clarity, happiness and peace, as you learn to love yourself.

The owners, Berny Serrao and Glenn Cullen, created this stunning and tranquil retreat in its magical backdrop near the wild Portuguese coast, serving local Portuguese food, much of it grown in their organic garden. Their qualified therapists offer a range of Thai and Ayurvedic treatments and yoga will be available in their beautiful mountain-viewed studio.

Without self-compassion there is self-judgment and striving to be ‘someone else’, which blocks us from achieving our dreams. These 3 days will clear the path for self-appreciation and self-acceptance and release energy to live the life you desire.

Book here (Early Bird Pricing)

Single Occupancy Room: from £995 pp // Secure with deposit payment of £199

2 People Sharing Room: from £789 pp // Secure with deposit payment of £157.80

Mindful Point – Live Retreat

The Point at Polzeath is an award winning, golf and spa resort near the Camel Estuary, in North Cornwall.

During this 3 day retreat, you can let the North Cornish air and countryside boost your mind and body, at this energising, wonderful seaview location. 3 days of mindfulness based awareness and presence workshops, with guided meditations, will help you to live in THIS moment, in order to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood, so you can thrive.

Your hosts, Eva and Jeremy Davies, “pour their heart and soul” into running this stylish Scandinavian-inspired venue, in its great location near the beautiful Cornish coast. The beautiful rooms are complimented by the relaxing pool, gym and spa, while the yoga studio offers calming green views.

Without presence, we live in our heads, on auto-pilot, focussing on the negative and missing life’s precious moments. These 3 days will help you release your worrying, so you can concentrate on the life your heart really desires.

Mindful Zanzibar – Lead Retreat

Following the success of the first Mindful Zanzibar retreat in 2017, we are pleased to make this the icing on the cake of the Love, Live, Lead retreats. The HODI HODI Beach Houses, on the beach in Kilima Juu village, near Matemwe, on the Northeastern side of the Tanzanian island, are a unique and perfect venue for you to embrace leading the life you desire.

During this 5 day retreat you can let the warm Indian Ocean breeze be the wind beneath your wings, as you treat your mind and body to a truly magical event, while staying at this stunning seafront location, steps from the ocean. 5 days of mindfulness-based workshops will help you embrace the seven pillars of happiness, in order to cement the foundations for you to lead the life you desire, namely: non-judgment, non-striving, patience, curiosity, acceptance, trust and letting go. These mindsets, along with gratitude and compassion, will ensure you can love yourself, live in the moment and have the tools you need to lead the life you desire.

The owner, Julia Bishop, a powerhouse of vision, stamina and community spirit, has a contagious energy and a philosophy of responsible tourism, providing an authentic and sustainable experience … as well as some amazing stories of her hotel-building adventures. In line with Julia’s huge community efforts, the retreat raises resources for the small village primary school, which also welcomes learning gifts from guests.

Without exploring and listening to our (not others’) values, needs and goals, we can feel lost in this chaotic world. We can forget that our only duty to is to follow our heart and be kind to others on the way. These 5 days will help you have a clear picture of what you want to do, where and with whom … knowing that the only ‘why’ is because that is


Kind Words

“Anna is confident, warm and full of energy. She emits a positivity and I feel like anything is possible when I talk to her. She is non-judgmental and accepting of other people’s personalities.”

H. Danby

Graphic Designer and Painter, (attended Mindful Paradise Retreat)

“It’s been really important to take time out for myself and to think about my values, needs, strengths and to reflect on my satisfaction points without the distractions of life at home. It was also useful to learn how other people feel and think. I have gained a lot from the retreat and feel happier and more willing to be flexible, embrace uncertainty and not be so judgmental”

H. Danby

Graphic Designer and Painter, (attended Mindful Point Retreat)

“Anna was fantastic, a very understanding host and the retreat was amazing, all in all an unforgettable experience, which I hope to repeat in the near future. I thank Anna for all her help and support.”

A. Elalkyen

Property Agent, (attended Mindful Zanzibar Retreat)