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Finding Grace’

I’m here to help you find your breath so you can accept and love yourself, patiently, unconditionally, without judgment. So you can trust and live in this moment effortlessly, curiously and without overthinking. So you can lead the life you desire unapologetically… letting go of what others think!

It doesn’t matter what you desire. When we practice self-love and get out of our thinking head, we are free to live our dreams. That is the power of the self-compassion and presence – the fuel for our desires. Together we will make the life you desire, be the life you are leading.

3 day Intensive Workshops

I have developed an energising series of Mindfulness-based workshops, for those who prefer to start with a quick and affordable injection of self-acceptance, presence and focus on their dreams. The three days can be attended standalone or as a package, and will equip you with the confidence, clarity and self-motivation to turn your aspirations into reality.

Designed for people who are experiencing a dip in their self-esteem, concentration, calmness and drive, who want to get back on track to the goals they have in sight. You’ll befriend yourself, find your breath and feel energised to pursue your desires.

Day One

Love Yourself

During this 4 hour workshop we will focus on self-compassion; letting go of self-judgment and replacing it with self-appreciation and self-acceptance in order to unblock negativity and release positive energy, key to a life abundant with happiness and peace as you work towards your dreams.

June 2021 date tbc 10am-2pm // £80

Day Two

Live in the Moment

During this 4 hour workshop we will explore and practice the principles of mindful living; how to adopt ways of thinking that will enable you to gain greater awareness from paying attention on purpose, in this moment, without judging it, so that you can live in the present, free from worry. So you can thrive.

June 2021 10am-2pm // £80

Day Three

Lead the life you Desire

During this 4 hour workshop we will bring to the surface what your heart desires – your values, needs, goals – and acknowledge the strengths you possess to achieve it. Clearer about the areas of your life you want to focus on, you will leave knowing the next mindful steps to take towards leading the life you desire.

June 2021 date tbc 10am-2pm // £80

Book here onto all three workshops // £215

1 – 4 month Coaching

-I have developed a unique Wellbeing and Life Coaching programme, that is Mindfulness-Based and Intuition-Led. With tailored packages starting from 1 month, you will be guided and supported as you boost your confidence, select and put together the pieces of your aspirations.

Designed for people who have arrived at a crossroads in life, feel blocked, or have experienced an emotional setback, who want to get back on track to the dreams they have in their hearts. You’ll re-find your breath, be at one with yourself and with the present moment and feel energised to pursue your desires.

Reconnect, Explore

Find a state where you can work from a place of self-love, not fear, sadness, worry or loss. With guidance you will learn how to get into and stay in that state. You will become aware of your values and needs, and look at whether you’re spending your time on getting them. Together we will recognise what drives you as you work towards the life you desire.

Identify, Feel

Together we will identify any blocks that may cause lack of drive or prevent a sustained focus on change. We will paint a picture of where you would like to lead your life, how and with whom… with your ‘why’ clearly in mind.

Take action, Stay present

Aware of, accepting and trusting your strengths and challenges, you will be guided to bring dreams to the surface, with clear, self-compassionate and energising steps, and decide how to stay on track for the life you desire.

Your programme will include fortnightly 1:1 sessions, LoveLiveLead Life Book & materials, access to LLL Mindfulness group sessions and private Facebook group and priority booking for LLL Retreats. To discuss how this programme could help you achieve your dreams, complete this form.

Kind Words

“Thanks to Anna’s work over the past few years, which supports a greater awareness of mental health, the children have hugely benefited from her mindfulness sessions, gaining strategies to assist them in becoming thoughtful, calm and able to identify how they feel in the world around them – a chaotic world where there is an overload of stimuli, where now thanks to Anna, they have more strategies for being peaceful in themselves and skills of mental resilience.”
E. Greer

Deputy Head, Pelham Primary, Wimbledon

“Anna has been an inspirational teacher and mentor to me over the past five years. Her enthusiasm for living your best life is infectious. She is a gracious, kind and patient teacher of Mindfulness and her methods have helped me manage the incessant mind chatter that used to plague me. She is vibrant, driven, loving and great fun. Her book is a great read for anyone looking for a way to get through life’s challenges and use them as a way to find inner strength, peace and a life you would have hardly dared dream possible.”

P. Furner - participant on Anna’s 5 and 8 week courses and on 3 weekend retreats

Home builder, wife extraordinaire and former PR Manager, Thames Ditton

“At a time in my life where I felt I had lost my way, I was overwhelmed with work, my relationship was at a cross road, in my personal life I felt something was missing, and relationships with families and friends were fraught. Anna provided me with a safe space and the opportunity to make sense of the world around me, regain my focus and find my inner peace. Anna gave me a chance to reflect on my life to date, recognise my success, celebrate achievements and identify my purpose”

T. Moses - 1:1 coaching programme participant and participant on Anna's 8 week MBCT

Headteacher and inclusion badass, Southfields

Learn to love yourself, live in this moment, and live the life you desire

Join my community of people committed to self-compassion, presence and making their dreams come true.

Love, live, lead .